Mastering flexbox with Flexbox Zombies

May 03, 2020 • 2 min read
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Flexbox is not exactly new, and I’ve played with it a few times, but as a developers who spends most of my time in the back-end building API, I don’t really need to know it at work. I do a bit of CSS here and there, but not enough to internalise it. I never took the time to really understand what various properties do, when to apply them on container vs when to apply them on content and I always had to look up the cheatsheet to do anything with it.

This was until a few weeks ago when I read about Flexbox Zombies somewhere (probably on Twitter). I’m a big fan of gamification, it hooks me up and I learn very well with this. Decided to take advantage of these unusual times where we have to stay home more than normal, I took the class and set myself to do one lesson a day.

The course is made of 12 stages -11 lessons and 1 final test- each taking between 15 to 30 mins. The first part of each lesson is explaining one or two properties and its values, followed by series of exercises with more of less help. The final test is where you need to defeat the boss and is without hints.

The result for me is that 12 days later, I feel very much like I know what I am doing when working with flexbox. Before it was like a guessing game, very much empirical, applying properties half-randomly on the container or items. Now I know what I should use for my use case. Right now, all the things I learnt are fresh but I’m confident this time it will stick in my head.

If this feel like something you’d like to learn, I would encourage you to sign-up for the course, it’s free (at least now).

Thanks to Dave Geddes for putting this amazing learning content together!

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