Detecting unchanged pipx packages with Ansible

November 18, 2022
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I recently moved provisioning of my MacBook to Ansible and one of the task that didn’t work perfectly was installation of CLI packages using pipx: the playbook always detected the packages as changed, even if they were already installed.

I solved this by making use of the changed_when option, and checking whether the output of pipx install was saying that the package is already installed:

- name: Install pipx packages
  command: pipx install {{ item }} --python ~/.pyenv/versions/{{ pyenv_python_versions[0] }}/bin/python
  register: pipx_install_result  changed_when: >    pipx_install_result.rc == 0 and    "'" + item + "' already seems to be installed." not in pipx_install_result.stdout  loop: '{{ pipx_packages }}'
  - pipx

Now my packages appear as “ok” instead of “changed” when running the playbook.

Victory 🎉

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